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12 Buildbox Templates Bundle

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Watch the Gameplay Video of 12 Buildbox Templates You Will Receive With This Bundle

All 12 Buildbox Templates are complete games with monetization model and all required features. These are One-Tap Casual mobile games. Casual mobile games is a big trend nowadays. This is your chance to become the next Ketchapp.


We Provide Our Strategy in the Guidelines on How to Earn Money on Flippa by Reskinning Games

This guide includes our personal approach and strategy on how to earn money on Flippa by selling reskins. This guide is based on our experience and supported by proven cases.

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Example 1. Reskin for Cubism Buildbox Template is Sold for $249

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Example 2. Reskin for Levitation Buildbox Template is Sold for $299

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Example 3. Reskin for Jungle Cube Buildbox Template is Sold for $240

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Example 4. Reskin for Maze Blocks Buildbox Template is Sold for $197

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We will personally help you by Skype with the challenges you face. It’s a good chance to get the relevant answers fast without surfing the Internet.

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More Value From Our Studio

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Lifetime Access to the Source Code Updates

Game development frameworks are being updated on a regular basis and it’s a good practice to update the game on stores as well. We use licensed Buildbox software for making games and we will responsible to help updating the code for you.

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We Saved You Months Of Development

It took us months to develop all these games. All the items are complete games with features and monetization model. The only thing that has to be done is reskinning and then it is ready for marketing.

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Step-By-Step Technical Guidelines

We included 20+ pages detailed user guidelines which includes game reskinning and submissions guides. You will have full and complete information to publish your games successfully on mobile stores.

Games Features

Make Money from Ads

AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads. Players will see ads in games and if they install apps provided by ads then you will be paid for that. Also, using Buildbox project you will be able to integrate one of the following ads networks.

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Leaderboards, Share & Review Buttons

These features help to make the game more enjoying and viral.

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In-App Purchases

Games include Remove Ads In-App Purchase. This IAP is another monetization tool which allows users to remove ads from the game for a certain price.

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Xcode Projects

The Bundle includes Xcode Project for each game. Xcode Project will allow you to reskin and publish the game on App Store.

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Eclipse Projects

The Bundle includes Eclipse Project for each game. Eclipse Project will allow you to reskin and publish the game on Google Play.

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Buildbox Projects

The Bundle includes Buildbox Project for each game. Buildbox Project will allow you to modify the game, make significant changes and export to many platforms.

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About Buildbox

These games are made by our studio from scratch using BuildBox 2 drag & drop platform. BuildBox project will allow you to edit levels and export the game to other platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows Desktop EXE, Windows Store, Amazon, OSX.


Games Included Into the Bundle (Check Demo by App Store Links)





Side Jump


Maze Blocks


Jungle Cube


Off Road Balance


World of Trolls


Monster Go




Last of Cubes


Bubble Shooter


Flip Bottle



Please, be informed that game templates have to be reskinned before publishing on stores. It means that graphics have to changed by your own. You won’t be able to publish the game without reskin because it will be considered as copyright infringement. Please, take a look at some examples of reskins that were made by our game development studio.

SINGLE License

This license means that you can make one reskin for each game template, it means that in total you will be able to reskin and publish 12 games.

MULTI License

This license means that you can make as many reskins as you want for each game template, there is no limit to make and publish reskins.