12 Buildbox Games Bundle


12 Buildbox Games Bundle

$324.00 $49.00

This Bundle is a great product for those who just started game development and for those who want to expand their game portfolio very fast with qualitative games. These are complete mobile games made for game reskinning. After the game reskin is done, it can be published on stores.

We Will Personally Help to Get the Return on $49 Investment Into this Bundle

This is not just a bundle product, this is a service which includes our help to get the return on $49 investment into this bundle. We have a proven approach which you will able to repeat and implement. Our gamedev studio has strong experience making and selling reskins on Flippa marketplace. We’ve earned more than $30000 on Flippa with perfect feedback rating from clients using our approach.

With this awesome bundle you receive an access to:
our strategy making reskins and selling them on Flippa. We’ve tested many things and developed an optimal sales strategy, also we have many tips that you won’t find just on the web.
Skype consulting with us.

Our Profile on Flippa

buildbox templates

Some Examples of the Reskins We Sold on Flippa

buildbox templates

buildbox templates

buildbox templates

More Examples:

We know how it’s difficult to start game development from scratch when you need to find the most important things from tons of information and products on the Internet. That’s why we made “Business In Box Solution”. You will receive TONS of value from our game dev studio. You won’t need to code anything, you won’t need to face technical issues. We covered all common pains for the clients.

The value we provide with this Bundle:

1) Lifetime Access to the Source Code Updates. Game development frameworks are being updated on a regular basis and it’s a good practice to update the game on stores as well. We use licensed Buildbox software for making games and we will responsible to help updating the code for you.

2) We Saved You One Year Of Development. It took us about a YEAR to develop all these games. All the items are complete games with features and monetization model. The only thing that has to be done is reskinning and then it is ready for marketing.

3) Step-By-Step Guidelines. We included 20+ pages detailed user guidelines which includes game reskinning and submissions guides. You will have full and complete information to publish your games successfully on mobile stores.


Hot Offer!!! Buildbox Projects Included!

This games bundle is made by our studio from scratch using Buildbox 2 drag & drop platform (http://buildbox.com). Good news! The bundle includes BuildBox Projects for all games. BuildBox project will allow you to edit levels and export the game to other platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows Desktop EXE, Windows Store, Amazon, OSX.

Features of the Games

BuildBox 2 Projects
Cross Platform (iOS & Android)
Universal Games (phone & tablet)
Xcode & Eclipse Projects
Separated Atlasses (Easy Reskin)
Remove Ads In-App Purchase
HeyZap Rewarded Video Ads
Banner Ads
Interstitial Ads
Game Center
Share & Rate Buttons
Endless Gameplay

Examples of Reskins Made for the Games From This Bundle

Games Included in This Bundle

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